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Aug 29, 2013 11:30pm PDT
rookie out of louisiana tech. play maker. 43 yards for the touch down and finish was his own unique dance. just the way miley would have done it too. job son certainly earned himself a roster spot tonight. 2 sack. blocked this punt and hustle up and recovers it for a touch down. johnson doing everything. daniels threw 2 td passes has to make. >> hawkins. juggle then smashed then brick away. is goes down the side line for touch down 45 yards. remember last weak he got scolded. this time no td and stay away from me. please. i don't want to get yelled at. niners roll 4 41-6 they go 3 and 1 in the preseason. police don't touch me. raiders final pre-season game against the shawchblingts you need a hard hat if raider fan these days. wilson drives 80 yards. 3 yard touch down. 7 nothing seattle. didn't inspire a lot of confidence. 3 of 8 for 31 yards and this interception picked by thurman. well intended for jacoby well and thrown. i don't know what they do at quarterback. i guess prayer over flynn but raiders lose 22-6. go 1 and 3 this preseason. on to basebal baseba
Aug 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
how it ends. quick pass to pat 10. rookie out of the louisiana tech. play maker down the side line 43 yards. finishes up with nice dance but i think he got some miley. patrick willis hurt but filling in nicely. interception on charlie san diego territory setting up better and better more rest. look at dixon. many in the end zone. niners leading 34-sex in the fourth quarter. raiders in the final pre-season game against the seahawks. hard hat open. russell wilson 80 yard drive and hands off to robert turbine on 3 yard run. buyer starting tonight. he will be the no. 1 man ahead of flynn. 31 yards and that ball is not well thrown. kicked off by thurman. ford on the play. seahawks win this game 22-6. biggest worry if the nfl business wise is concussion rae lited injuries. is reached agreement with 18,000 former players and will pay out 7 65 million dollars for concussion rae lateed brain injuries. as part of the deal the nfl admits no liability or any admission that football caused long term brain damage. this began with former players including dorsett mcmahon and late ju
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2